What We Do

Upon intake, all clients will be given a confidential, intensive, diagnostic evaluation to determine your individual clinical needs and the appropriate level of care. We are committed to developing individualized and personalized treatment plans in order to maximize your treatment experience at Bridge Back to Life. We understand the importance of maintaining a close working relationship with employers, unions and EAP representatives. We can provide back to work/school conferences when clinically indicated.

We view the family and significant others in your life to be an integral part of your recovery process. We will provide a psycho-educational program, counseling and support services to assist in their understanding of the progressive, chronic effects of your disease.

Our goal is to remove the devastating effects drug addiction and alcoholism have caused in your life, so you can become a productive, fulfilled individual who deserves happiness.  You no longer have to live with the guilt and shame of addiction. We give you the opportunity to live free from the tyranny that is drug and alcohol addiction.

How We Do It

We use an innovative approach to treatment that does not rely on a "one size fits all" approach to addiction treatment. We provide Substance and Alcohol Abuse treatment, in conjunction with Behavioral Health Services to treat co-occurring disorders. We also provide ambulatory (outpatient) detox at all locations. Through individual, group and family therapy we will help you to discover the addictive, emotional, and interpersonal roadblocks that are denying you the life you deserve.

Our groups are designed for different stages of recovery to meet you where you are at and to promote a clinically-driven continuum of care. Bridge

Back to Life Center works with you as a collaborative partner in order to combat and treat your addiction. To see an extensive list of the services we provide, feel free to view our services page.

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