Bridge Back To Life Clinic is a network of outpatient substance abuse clinics located in NYC, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Nassau County.

In addition to our integrated clinical program offerings for clients and their families, our PROVIDER RELATIONS DEPARTMENT is dedicated to supporting our partners in the located in NYC, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Nassau County.

Our Provider Relations Department can provide the following:

  • Referral assistance and coordination of care
  • Presentations to your staff or clients detailing our services
  • In-service Trainings on the following topics:
    • Trauma-Informed Systems of Care
    • Trauma, Addiction, and Building Resilience with Survivors
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Working with Behavioral Health Comorbidities
    • Stress Management Techniques to Empower Recovery
    • Working with Military, Veterans and Uniformed Service Personnel
    • Holistic Pathways to Symptom Management
    • Creative Therapies used to Embrace Wellness
    • Navigating System Barriers
    • Employment, Family Systems, Community Reintegration
  • Resolution Assistance
  • Linkage Agreements/Collaborative Agreements


For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact:

Director of Provider Relations

Steven Sulzer  Phone:  (718) 265-4200