Addiction Treatment for Impaired Professionals

Health care professionals as well as other professionals face specific and unique challenges in the recovery process.  Licensing concerns and confidentiality are a major factor and the importance of the clinician to remain in contact with state medical boards and other professional employee assistance programs remains a crucial priority.  Professionals meet regularly with staff physicians so as to maintain compliance with referring state agencies requirements for licensing and practice.

For many professionals returning to work in a high stress environment can be problematic.  A weekly professional group offers an opportunity for individuals to share the specific issues related to professions, allowing them to focus on taking care of themselves, rather than others.  Bridge Back to Life incorporates intensive group therapy with other individuals as well as with professionals to further advance discussing the many issues related to the disease of addiction. Emphasis on attending 12 step meetings with other professionals is important to help prevent relapse, maintain abstinence and establish a sober support network.

Bridge Back to Life Center currently collaborates with the following organizations in caring for their impaired members:

Committee for Physicians Health

Statewide Peer Assistance for Nurses

NYS Professionals Assistance Program

Nassau County Lawyers Assistance Program

and many others.