Returning to Society with Bridge Back to Life Treatment

Unfortunately, many incarcerated drug or alcohol users are released back into their communities without treatment, or ever accessing or completing their treatment, only to relapse with their addictions and return to prison once again.

Our goal within this program is to provide a new start for individuals with justice involved history. We are committed to improving the health, safety, and quality of life for returning citizens and their families throughout the New York Metro area.


Our Role in the Criminal Justice System

Since 1988, Bridge Back to Life Center has provided addiction disorder treatment and counseling services to recovering individuals who are involved within the Criminal Justice System. Our Justice Involved program is designed to serve returning citizens by utilizing a wide variety of tools and resources for treatment, recovery, and prevention. A strength of this program is our strong, collaborative relationships with a wide variety of agencies working in support of the NYC metro area Criminal Justice System, such as:

Drug Treatment Courts

Veterans Courts

Center for Court Innovations, Red Hook Community Justice Center & Midtown Community Court

NYC TASC Offices, Brooklyn TASC, Bronx TASC, Nassau TASC, Queens TASC, Staten Island TASC

New York State Division of Parole

New York State Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (OPCA)


Recovery from addiction disorders is more than rehabilitation; it’s about helping justice-involved individuals get the tools they need to participate and have another chance in life.


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