Premier Counseling Service For Your Valued Employees

Bridge Back to Life Center has been a vital outpatient addiction and counseling service since 1988, helping companies to treat and retain valued employees with substance use disorders.
Drug and Alcohol use in the workplace harms productivity. This problem is larger than what you might think, and very likely affecting your workplace. According to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, substance and alcohol use disorders are among the most frequently occurring behavioral health problems in the United States. They cost businesses billions each year due to the loss of employee productivity, absenteeism, and increased workers compensation insurance premiums.
While not always in plain view, addictive drug and alcohol use among U.S. workers is a problem in the workplace, as it impairs job performance, threatens public safety, and results in costly medical, social, and other problems affecting employees and employers alike.
Alarming Statistics:

  • Of the 17.4 million current illicit drug users age 18 and over, 13.1 million (75.3 percent) are employed.
  • Similarly, among 55.3 million adult binge drinkers, 44.0 million (79.4 percent) are employed, and among 16.4 million persons reporting heavy alcohol use, 13.1 million (79.6 percent) are employed.

Since the majority of substance and alcohol users are employed, the workplace is an ideal setting to reach a large population for implementing treatment and prevention strategies. Employers are in a unique position to motivate employees to seek help for issues with drug or alcohol use.

Discover The Solution For Your Company’s EAP Program

Bridge Back to Life Center is a reputable and comprehensive private network of New York State licensed and medically supervised outpatient substance and alcohol use treatment centers. We know how to work with all Federal and State statutes to guarantee confidentiality with companies and their employee referrals. For over 20 years, we’ve provided quality treatment to individuals, as well as education and support for their families.


Bridge Back to Life has a long and rich history of working collaboratively with internal and external Employee Assistance Programs for many major companies. Some including:

How Bridge Back to Life Works with Employee Referrals

We serve most of the Fortune 500 corporations and have worked with many internal and/or external Employee Assistance Programs. We understand the importance of maintaining a close working relationship with employers, unions, and EAP representatives to aid and support an employee’s recovery.
The Bridge Back to Life Center’s Professionals Program is designed to serve both individuals and companies. We have a long track record of working with HMO’s, MCO’s, IPA’s, traditional indemnity insurance carriers, and Employee Assistance Programs. Our service offers managed care components that compliment a company’s existing benefits package. We hold contracts with every major HMO and MCO currently operating in New York State within our geographic locales.
Bridge Back to Life Center enjoys productive, collaborative relationships with referral sources, physicians groups, and other third party administrators. In addition, our staff is often invited by companies to lecture on issues specific to chemical dependency and behavioral health.
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